Welcome to FinDA Research Lab

Welcome to the International Business Financial Decision and Data Analytics (FinDA) Research Lab. I am Dr. Chris Lien, an Assistant Professor of Finance, specialized in corporate finance, entrepreneurial finance, and data science for business decision-making.

Leveraging my financial acumen, I am committed to providing students with a rigorous and contemporary understanding of finance that connects directly to real-world applications. My research efforts are dedicated to uncovering practical insights to inform decision-making in businesses, especially within an international context.

About the Research Lab

The IB-FinDA Research Lab is a vibrant academic research environment. Our focus is on theory-motivated empirical research on issues pertinent to business. We bring a unique perspective to the field through three core strengths:

Current Members / All Contributors 

Principal Investigator (PI):  Dr. Chris Lien   ctlien2@ntu.edu.tw   

Senior Data Scientist: 鄭心淳  r11724005@ntu.edu.tw   

Senior Data Scientist: 許柏威  r11724055@ntu.edu.tw   

Junior Data Scientist: 李明熹  r12h41009@ntu.edu.tw 

Lab Operation & Project Manager: 蕭易覲  r12645001@ntu.edu.tw 

Teaching Assistant: 許聖慧 r12h41006@ntu.edu.tw 

Teaching Assistant: 蔡依旻 r12h41015@ntu.edu.tw 

Teaching Assistant: 廖采瑄 r12724005@ntu.edu.tw 

Research Lab Culture

At the IB-FinDA Research Lab, we uphold three core principles that guide our work:

Join Us

We're actively seeking dedicated Research Assistants (RAs) to join our team. As part of the IB-FinDA Research Lab, you'll have the opportunity to work on groundbreaking projects, collaborate closely with experienced researchers, and contribute to our ongoing work.

We warmly welcome students to learn about our lab's work and explore the learning opportunities available here.

If our work resonates with you or if you wish to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact me at ctlien2@ntu.edu.tw.

We look forward to welcoming you at the IB-FinDA Research Lab.

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